Bone Marrow Transplant: Day -2 and Day -1

These have been rough, rough days.  I plan to expound on them further in the next week or so.  I will say that the nausea, diarrhea, and generally feeling of ickiness have really taken a toll.  BUT I’m hanging in and tomorrow is my TRANSPLANT DAY and my NEW BIRTHDAY!!  Thank god!!!

Bone Marrow Transplant: Day -4 and Day -3

Well, I’ve felt better.  Right now, I am lying in bed trying not to throw up for the fifth time this morning.  I can only hope and pray the chemicals I have been given to prepare my body are doing what they’re supposed to do.  As I write this entry I am actually on day Day -2, which means the only thing I have left is radiation tomorrow.

Day -4 was generally ok in the earlier part of the day.  I tolerated Fludarabine really well, and had no side effects from it.  In the afternoon I began ATG, which made me more than a little nervous considering my last experience with it.  My nurse and pharmacist made sure to keep me on the best drugs to try and ward off the rigors, fever, and bone pain I experienced the first time, and for the most part it worked.  However, just like last time, about two hours before the end of the ATG infusion, my fever creeped up.  I hit 103.5 and it didn’t break until the early afternoon on Day -3.  Boy did that feel terrible.

Day -3 gave me the full cocktail of Fludarabine, ATG, and Cytoxan.  Once the fever subsided, I had to begin to deal with the fallout from the chemotherapy.  I’ve been pretty stable all in all, but it’s finally beginning to catch up with me.  I am thankful I’m very nearly done.  This too, shall pass.

I knew what I was getting into with the Bone Marrow Transplant, so I have no regrets.  This pain and sickness is a necessary step to make me well again.  I will make it through.  And soon!

Bone Marrow Transplant: Day -6 and Day -5

And so it begins!  I am in the hospital and have started my conditioning regimen for my transplant next week.  My first chemo drug, Fludarabine, will be administered a little later today.  At the moment I am receiving two units of blood, as my hemoglobin dipped down to 5.7.

Yesterday – admitting day, I had 20 (!) vials of blood drawn and received a new PICC line.  I now have three little valves that stick out of my left arm.  I like to think of it as a little three-headed snake.  The PICC site is very sore and swollen, since they had to give me a whole new incision, and it took two of them to find a good vein for the line.  At least it’s in now, and will hopefully be the last PICC line I ever have!!

I am doing well spirits-wise.  I felt a little overwhelmed last night from stress, and there were a few tears.  Nothing too terrible, but this transplant has been a long time coming and there are a lot of emotions coming to the surface now.  Luckily, it’s nothing I can’t handle, and today I feel content and calm – albeit sleep deprived.  I have settled into my room, which is very nice (I switched to a better room after I got up to my unit), and I have put up pictures, posters, and streamers.  I am relaxed and ready.  Nearly two days down, four to go!

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